Put a sock in it:

used to tell someone to be quieter stop making so much noise:

Hey, put a sock in it, will you? I'm trying to work here.

ساکت باش،هیس!!!😯

Cork it:

to stop talking

"Excuse me. What you’ve just said is very rude. Cork it!”

حرف نرن،سکوت کن،بس کن😊

Button it

a rude way of telling someone to stop talking

"Your argument is way out of line. Button it!”

راه مودبانه ای برای درخواست ساکت شدن از یک شخص😑

برای خواندن بقیه معنا لطفا به ادامه مطلب مراجعه کنید...

Shut your pie hole:

The phrase just means be quiet. It's recent slang,

You are being very loud and disruptive. Shut your pie hole!”

ساکت باش،آروم تر صحبت کن

Zip your lips: 

Be quiet!; Close your mouth and be quiet!

“What you just said to me was offensive. Zip your lips!”

دهنتو ببند،هیس!!!

Wind your neck in

to want sb for talking slower and politer ,be quiet!!

 “Stop being so loud and obnoxious! Wind your neck in

برای بیان نارضایتی از میزان صوت و نحوه بیان یک فرد،بسه دیگه!!!

Simmer down

to become less angry or excited about something:

to want sb for controlling himself 

خودتو کنترل کن،چه خبره بابا؟!!😠

Pipe down!

to want sb to don't break in somebody's  talking,be quiet!!! 

“Why are you being so noisy when people are trying to concentrate? Pip down!”